It’s the end of the Republican Sewage Board Majority but they’re not done yet. Their latest prank is to try to blame Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham for the bad job re-paving the road in Traymore Manor by the Republican Supervisors. The Republicans engineer forgot the road has to drain into the storm drains during rain events. They paved over the drainage ditches. Now the water runs onto the properties where the road is the lowest. Water does that.

But the Republicans can’t take the blame for their mistakes. OK, we get that. Lots of people are reluctant to admit they were wrong.

Here’s where the Republicans make a moral mistake. They try to shift the blame onto someone else. A few “bad” Republicans are trying to blame the Democrats for the bad road paving  but the Republicans were in charge when the road was repaved to install public sewers. 

The Republicans failed to properly re-pave Traymore. How do I know that? I inspected the road and the properties.

Everyone knows water flows downhill. When it rains water runs to the low side of the road. The Republican Engineer forgot that so he paved over the drainage ditch.  Woosh. Over the lawns and down the driveways she goes.

Last night a few anonymous Republicans distributed a flyer that blamed the Democrats for the Republican mistake. How low can these people go?

Lets not find out. Be a Voter for Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham so they can appoint more people on the Municipal Authority who are Honest and have Integrity which the present Sewage Board majority lacks. Be a Voter. Push buttons 8B and 9B.

Hurrah. The end of Tony Albano, John Jim and Ed Farling’s bad management of the Municipal Authority is almost here and ex-sewage boarder Don George still has tarps on his roof. LOL.  

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