Northampton “Bad” Republicans wrote, posted and destroyed their own report. I know what was posted: what was done to get it removed; who ordered it scrubbed and now it’s gone. Proves they control the Venom website. The writer of the Venom Website was told to take down a post by those who are behind and who control what is posted there. There’s an admission of that that’s been posted.

The takedown also proves the Northampton Republican Candidates approve of the Venom Website. It they don’t approve, why don’t they denounce it? After all, the post from November 3rd was removed when some the Insider Republicans ordered it removed. The Republican Candidates are controlled by the Republican Committee. They’re all together. They support the Venom website and they control what’s posted and it’s all done in their names. That’s why it’s important to know they ordered a post removed which means they can order posts to be added too.

Remember the commotion caused at the Sept. Supervisor meeting about some allegedly “missing video”? The so-called missing video was inadvertently removed and put back when it was discovered.  Well here’s an example of a Venom Post that was posted then scrubbed the same day.

Why trust such people? They lie like rugs. 

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