The two Republican Supervisor Candidates can no longer deny they control the most venomous political website. The website operators were told to remove an article that was posted Sunday Morning and they immediately complied with the demand. 

The article was taken down in response to pressure from Democrats and “Good” Republicans. Good. Now they can take down the entire website and restore civility and sanity to the Northampton GOP. See how easy that is?

But, they won’t do that. Republican leaders¬†will allow the Venom site to operate. That bodes ill for the Northampton GOP. There. They’ve been alerted.

It’s not enough for Republican candidates to demand a return to civility when they are helping cause incivility. Nor is it enough to let the Venom site continue and to seem to be indifferent to it. The losing Republicans in Northampton can correctly blame the dirty politics of the Northampton GOP for their loss.

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