A false article on Northampton’s Venom site is nothing new. Every Venom post has false information and stunningly wrong conclusions but a post was put up last night and taken down this morning showing some people control what’s written while others do the writing. In other words, the “Bad” Republican leaders support the venomous writing and control it when they want to. Who are the behind-the-scenes bosses?

It doesn’t matter. The last two times the venom sites were used the “Bad” Republicans lost their elections. This time the stakes are higher. If one “Bad” Northampton Republican wins we’ll see more disasters like Don George being named Township Manager or Tony Albano raising the Sewage rates again.

Compare that with the bi-partisan administration of Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham.  Spending kept under control and under budget. All services being provided. No tax increases and both Democrats and Republican Barbara Bucknum on the Democrat Goldenrod Sample Ballot for Tuesday. That’s good governing. That’s good politics. Rothermel and Cunningham are two good people who are the Best Northampton has to offer. Be a voter on Tuesday. Rothermel, Cunningham and Bucknum.

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