Some of the classic reasons some people don’t vote.”What difference does my vote make?” “I vote but nothing every changes”. “I’m tied up with work and can’t make it to the polls.” “I’m just not interested in Politics.” “I don’t like any of the candidates.” “None of the issues interest me.”

None are good reasons not to vote but something was going on in the 2013 Primary because people didn’t vote in record numbers. Why? No one has explained it but it happened. If you don’t know why voting is important, remember the repression in Iraq and that it was impossible to vote under Saddam Hussein. Then remember the Iraqi’s proudly holding out their purple thumb to prove they voted.

It always takes some effort to re-arrange a busy life and get to the polls. We are always told some version of “this is the most important thing you can do” then life goes on seemingly unchanged whether we vote or not. Who can blame anyone who looks at the political situation and concludes it’s just not that important?

But you know you should be a voter. It’s not up to anyone else. Being a voter is about only you. Voting or not voting is your personal choice. 

Here’s hoping you figure out how and when to get to the polls on Tuesday and that you will “Be A Voter”.  

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