Their plan for Northampton is to continue to attack the Democrats like they did for the past six years. Six years ago two Democrats were elected to the board of Supervisors and the Republicans were raked with rage. They attacked and attacked and attacked. They broke the rules, bullied the two Democrats, twisted the truth, kept them uninformed about agenda items, mis-informed them about township business and concentrated so much on attacking Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham that they forgot about working for Northampton. How pitiable. How disgraceful for the Republican Party that the Republican Supervisors kept attacking Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham but neither Frank nor Jim had and power. They were the minority. The majority Republicans didn’t care. They were compelled to bully the Democrats.

For four years the Republicans got away with more spending, more taxes, more fees, more perjury, more deceit, more 537 plans hidden, more poison in the water ignored, more favors for their contributors and attack, attack, attack.  

The election is upon us and nothing has changed for the enraged Republicans. Two Republican Candidates want people to vote for them for supervisor and their plan is to keep attacking the Democrats by breaking the rules, twisting the truth and trying to win elections by assailing everything they can that Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham do. Proof?

The Republicans have a T.V. Commercial that attacks Frank Rothermel. These two Republicans have no credible plan. They have no programs. They have no ideas to make Northampton better. They have nothing for a T.V. Commercial but they want to keep up the bully behaviors of the last six years. The T.V. commercial proves the point. It’s another attack, an out of context, manipulated set of shrieks from Eileen Silver but no plan for the future.

In the T.V. Commercial the two Republicans waste time and money but don’t explain their vision. Just an attack. A valuable opportunity missed. Neither Republican Candidate discusses their plan. They have none. All they know is Attack Rothermel and Cunningham. They have nothing about which to make a commercial. All they know is Attack the Democrats. Their Commercial is a continuation of the six year attacks. This is heartbreaking to watch. Pathetic behavior for two Republican Candidates who can’t tell the public about their plans. Pathetic.

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