The Republican trash website that attacks private citizens has comments from someone who calls itself:  “Observer”, “GottaLife” and “AntiNonsense”. Why don’t they reveal themselves? Why hide from the public? Because they are not real people, only fantasies.

Why is this the third anonymous trash-site used by the Republicans? Who could believe anything on it?  It’s clear that there is only one person writing all the nonsense and he can’t show his face or his name in public because he’s uncomfortable making his comments in person. How different from whistleblowers who have the courage to step foreword so their claims are believable.

This is the third trash site used by the Insider Republicans who lack courage, honor or self-esteem. If the three websites were honorable those responsible would sign their names. If the Northampton GOP had any integrity they would have disowned all three trash sites. They didn’t, at least not yet but if history is a guide they will not disavow any connections with the website or it’s owner because he’s one of them and they are in this together. What a shame for the legitimate Republicans of Northampton. What a shame for Northampton.

Northampton’s trash site is a study in psychosis, not honor. Why respectable Republicans refuse to disassociate themselves from this type of trash is a mystery. What a shame.


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