The Northampton Republicans are frightened. Their losing margin is increasing. They resorted to having a State Representative lower himself and make phone calls, robo-calls to the residents. State Rep Petri proves he’s either been conned by the two Republican candidates for Northampton Supervisor or he’s a willing partner in the Northampton Republican Corruption Schemes, past and to come if his candidates prevail. They won’t. Rothermel and Cunningham will win as will Barbara Bucknum the Republican Tax Collector who was added to the bi-partisan Democrat Ballot.

The Northampton Republicans not only never did that, they never even hired Democrats. Petri should endorse Barbara Bucknum but either he can’t because he’s not bi-partisan he or won’t because he’s part of the Northampton GOP’s corruption schemes.  

Petri mentions how one of the Republicans worked without getting paid but Petri thinks that’s the same as cutting spending. The Northampton Republicans never cut spending. They overspent for 200 years, raided the Open Space fund and raised taxes hundreds of times and Petri knows they will do it again as soon as they can.

Petri failed to mention the contributions he collected from the two rascals he’s supporting. He also thinks the $190,050.00 solar panels didn’t cost anything. What? Let me repeat that because it shows some serious mentation problems. Petri is just not capable of truth in the matter of supporting the two Republican rascals. The solar panels cost taxpayers $190,050.00. How does Petri conclude that’s free?

One candidate “missed” finding missing millions when he was Township Auditor. The other spent almost a quarter million in tax money  to save $1,500 a year in electric charges. and Petri thinks that’s saving money. What’s wrong with him? Petri has been a better man until now. How could he stoop so low? Perti’s like the three characters in the Wizard of Oz who needed courage, a heart and a brain.

Vote for Rothermel and Cunningham or more people who need brains will get elected.

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