Congressman Fitzpatrick, State Representative Scott Petri, State Senator Tommy Tomlinson need to look at how District Attorney David Heckler and Congressman Jim Greenwood crossed over the party line and endorsed a Republican like our own Barbara Bucknum, a registered Republican who is running for Tax Collector on the Democrat ticket.  This is bi-partisan politics like it should be done. Endorse the best people for the job like Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham have done. Rothermel and Cunningham have appointed almost half of the people from the opposite party. Bud Reim, a registered Republican is a man with extensive experience with the DEP. Bud was proposed to the Republican Board of Supervisors several times by Frank Rothermel but was rejected by the Deon – Komelasky axis. When Frank was able he appointed Bud, a bi-partisan appointment which became an attribute of the Rothermel – Cunningham Board of Supervisors.  

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