This is the first time we ever heard of two Northampton Supervisor Candidates being kicked out of a restaurant. All of their political campaign signs were removed by concerned citizens who were outraged at the treatment of the restaurant by the two Republican Candidates. They are not welcome.

What’s going on in Northampton? Why are the Republicans acting so bad? For starters they lost two elections and are terrified because they are behind their opponents in poll after poll.

We know it’s not Armageddon. People lost their status because of their behavior and a restaurant would welcome republicans but the two Republican Supervisor Candidates are another matter because they used the restaurant’s information improperly, just as Sewage Board Chairman Tony Albano did when he used private e-mail addresses to send political information to the police and the other township employees.┬áTheir unfair campaign tactics don’t belong in Northampton. Unfortunately they are here and the best answer for Northampton is to not vote for them. Vote instead for the two upstanding and outstanding Democrat Supervisors, Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham.

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