Hope they fail. The Northampton GOP has been worse than ever during an election campaign. Yesterday along Buck Road I personally collected 12 Rothermel – Cunningham political signs that were pulled up and thrown into the weeds in the hope they would not help Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham get re-elected. The ground was hard but I re-erected all 12 signs. I suppose it’s a matter of desperation for the two Republican Supervisor candidates as they pull down election signs but the Northampton GOP is famous for it. They are notorious cheaters.

Both Republican Supervisor candidates wrote a bunch of nonsense about why they are qualified to be supervisors. One cleaned up the lot across from his home. The other was a Township Auditor who failed to discover major thefts in the township building  by the township manager and the Republican supervisors who took $3.3 million out of the Open Space Fund, didn’t replace it when they sold the Open Space then spent the money for what we can only guess because the auditor didn’t “discover” it. In addition they lost the Open Space.

They Republican candidates also wrote lies about Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham. They accused them of pay-to play when they helped a local restaurant that had been over-billed for Sewer service. No one paid and no one played. They Republicans must have thought the Republican Pay-to -Play supervisor was still in charge. The Courier did a lengthy report on him and called his behavior Pay – To – Play.

Lying, Cheating and Stealing. They should not get one vote. Rothermel and Cunningham should get every vote cast. There has been not a whiff of scandal during Rothermel’s and Cunningham’s six years.They have governed with Integrity and Grace.  They have been honest, open and above board. They have helped people. for example the local restaurant owners among others, some of whom are personally known to me. They deserve your vote. The two Republicans need to learn how to run a decent, fair and uncorrupted campaign.  

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