Unfortunately, you don’t but you can find out more here than anywhere else in Northampton because I’ve been lied to by them for 15 years. Here you can really get the truth about the Republican Attack Machine because they have focused on me while I was not running a campaign so I’ve learned about their under-handed tactics firsthand. . The two Republican Supervisor Candidates carry the stigma of the Northampton Republican Clique and they refuse to denounce either Supervisor Komelasky, the biggest prevaricator or Supervisor Silver who constantly interrupts citizens, supervisor’s and loudly unwraps while opponents try to speak at Supervisor meetings.

Best advice for Northampton voters:

Don’t Vote for a Republican Supervisor. They have not told the truth at one public appearance and they have mislead us in every campaign mailer. They are neither to be believed nor trusted. They are dishonest, hand picked Insiders who will go along with the Repression and Corruption of the “No Honesty” Komelasky-Silver administrations of the past. They have neither new nor good ideas. They must not be trusted. They will not govern openly. They will shut down citizens comments like they did before Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham opened up the microphones to the people.

Proof? Go to a Sewage Board meeting. Komelasky’s hand picked little running dog Chairman Albano refuses to allow citizens to talk about this month’s meeting topic until a month later. He refuses to let anyone speak except for a brief time before the meeting agenda is discussed and voted on by his fellow travelers.

That’s how the Komelasky Silver regime did it until Rothermel and Cunningham opened up the microphones to the people, listened to them and made comments to them until the Republicans ruined that too by Silver’s constant political attacks which forced meetings into recess until Silver could get herself under control for a few minutes.

The Republican Candidates are simply more Komelasky. They are wrong for Northampton. They will not tell the truth. They will stop people from speaking at the meetings just as they did during their last four years when they were in charge. They are wrong for Northampton and that’s what’s wrong in Northampton.  



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