Every one off the Northampton Republican Committee members are losers. All 36 lost when Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham were elected but they were severely beaten by the election of Dr. Kim Rose. After 200 plus years the Northampton Republican Committee people lost all their power. Thirty Six Losers.

Losing the power to run a township is worse than just losing  elections. They lost control of Northampton Township and they want revenge. This gang of little losers; these followers of Pay-to Play; this clique of unfortunate people lost because they broke the rules. They started to break the election rules and then they broke the Rules of the Republican Party. No Northampton Republican Loser, No Northampton republican candidate should win an election. Their posturing and grandstanding; their arrogance that convinces them they are right after their tactics cost them three Supervisor seats shows they are out of touch with reality. Yet they continue to operate the same way that lost them the elections and the control of Northampton.

We know the soft spots, , the history of these losers who are like The Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight.  At the end of the day they are small minded people. They have a clique without power.

Now you know why they upset every meeting. They are children out of control. They want their power back but they cannot act like adults. Each of them are empty minded zero moral types who can get it wrong but have a hard time acting right or getting it right. They follow a few Rasputin types  who keep them further and further from reality.

A once great party has become a distant memory. It was destroyed by a vicious little gang who is seen by voters for how small they are. That’s why voting for Rothermel and Cunningham is the only sensible choice.

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