No Open Space was bought but $3.3 Million was spent. Who was the Insider Republican Auditor? Weinstein. Why did he fail to blow the whistle about the missing $3.3 Million?

Same for the $157,000 that the Northampton Manager stole. That’s a total of $3,457,000 that Weinstein still doesn’t seem to know went missing. How does an auditor make such huge mistakes? That’s almost Three and a Half Million Dollars. How can Weinstein be serious about being a supervisor? 

The Komelasky Regimes spent the Open Space money and raised property taxes 245% to pay for their overspending and the Auditor didn’t know about any of it? How is that possible?

Now Weinstein want’s to be a Supervisor and run the township but he couldn’t run an audit. We can’t trust Weinstein to watch our tax money because he’ll watch it disappear and like the $3.3 million in Open Space Money we will get the bill but not the Open Space. Weinstein is not a bad manager, he’s a counterfeit manager.


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