First Komelasky and four other Republican Supervisors borrowed $872,000 from Bucks County specifically for Open Space. They didn’t borrow it on their own, they gave the bill to the residents of Bucks County.

Next they borrowed over $5 million from a bank specifically for Open Space. They didn’t borrow that money on their own. They gave the bill to the residents of Northampton

Then they spend $2.2 Million of the residents money to buy The Miller Tract. They don’t change a thing but they change the name to “Open Space”.

Next they sell the $2.2 Million Dollars worth of Open Space for $1.1 million but they don’t put the money back into the Open Space Account.

So the Open Space account is down $2.2 million and the Township General Funds increase by $1.1 million.

And neither Northampton nor Bucks County own the Miller Tract. Komelasky and Co. bought it –but they sold it.

After using $3.3 Million in public money, how much Open Space did Komelasky, Freidman, Kinney and Long get?

Not one square foot.

That’s a record RAID ON OPEN SPACE MONEY. Zero land for $3.3 million. Nefarious? Or just dumb? Of course it’s dumb but there’s no telling what else was part of those deals. Who got how much and what went to their personal accounts. We know they engage in Pay-To-Play from the Deon E-mail. That’s in the record and that’s part of the sordid history of the Northampton Republican Committee.

Here’s how the accounting looks:

OPEN SPACE FUND BALANCE 2000      $5,500,000
BUCKS COUNTY CONTRIBUTION 2000    $875,000  $6,375,000
BUY MILLER TRACT 2000  $(2,200,000)    $4,175,000
SUBTOTAL OPEN SPACE FUND 2000      $4,175,000
SELL MILLER TRACT 2005    $1,100,000  $5,275,000
ACTUAL BALANCE 2005      $4,175,000
SHORTAGE (MISSING) 2005      $(1,100,000)

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