The lying Republicans brought every union into Northampton but they are lying and trying to blame the Democrats for their labor problems. No Democrat Supervisor brought any union into Northampton. Not one. All the unions in Northampton were organized under Republican Supervisor George Komelasky’s administration. Call Township Manager Robert Pelligrino at 215 357-6800 and verify that. …. Every one. Every union.

We know the reputation of the unions but Northampton is a bit different. First the unions organized in Northampton under Republicans, not Democrats. Second, the union people are residents of Northampton. They are our neighbors and labor peace is a good thing. Third, Republican State Representative Scott Petri accepts money from seven unions so what’s wrong with union money? The two lying Republican opponents of Rothermel and Cunningham know the truth about the union workers in Northampton township. They work hard and want a fair deal. What’s so bad about that? Everyone wants that. But the two Republican opponents would make unions out to be some sort of enemy of America. That’s simply wrong to even think.

The Northampton Republican Supervisor Candidates are simply lying about the Unions and they know it. Neither Republican should be elected. Why elect a known liar? No reason, especially when Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham not only don’t have to lie to get re-elected, they don’t lie in their campaign literature like the two Republican Supervisor candidates must do.

Why do they lie? Why can’t they run a clean campaign and tell us what their plans are for Northampton? But they don’t have plans and all they can do is attack the better candidates, Rothermel and Cunningham. They attack two good men.

Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham have changed Northampton for the better even though they have been in control for less than two years. It’s time for the citizens of Northampton to dump the Republican candidates for lying before they get into power.

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