At the Supervisors meeting Oct. 23, everyone was trying to help the Parsons keep their barn right where it is despite the order of the court to knock it down but only Bill came up with a way to do it. Get the Commissioners to change their minds.

The entire basis for the court case against the Parson’s rests on the decision of the Bucks County Commissioners. If they write a letter to the court that protects the Parsons barn, the barn will be left alone. Why should the Commissioners do that? Because destroying the barn makes no sense.

The construction of the barn was approved during numerous inspections by the township manager. The barn sits partly on Open Space. The Parsons paid for and own that Open Space.  A parking lot was constructed during the Komekasky administration in anticipation of the Komelasky Pebble Beach golf course. The golf course was never built. The parking lot is used by the parents of the girls basketball teams at Villa Joseph Marie and the Council Rock School District. The Township only has one indoor practice court so the Parson’s barn doubles the number of indoor practice courts in Northampton.

In addition more tax revenue will flow to the County and local government’s because the barn increases the value of the property by about half a million. The assessment goes up and government gets more dough-ray-me.

The Courier editors studied the barn issue and advised everyone to back off because the Parsons have been more than generous with a proposed settlement. Residents, coaches and parents all told the Supervisors to save the Parsons barn. So I told them how to do it. Convince the Commissioners to back off. Get Congressman Fitzpartrick who has five of his own children so he’s aware of the value of the Parsons indoor practice facility for and to children. Lt. Governor Cawley is a Levittowner with a strong commitment to the youth of Pa so both will be helpful to convince the Commissioners to back off.

Finally it makes loads of sense to keep the barn right where it is in the middle of some beautiful Northampton open space. That’s Open Space that’s beautiful and useful.

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