A current automated call encourages Northampton residents to ignore the contrived accusations and vicious rhetoric of a Mr. Don George.  His maligning and attacking of Democrats is evidenced by viewing the last supervisor meeting held on September 25th.  That video, that may be seen repeated on Verizon’s channel 24, is a clear indictment of the  lies, exaggerations and embellishments perpetrated by this dangerously unstable man.  George, although unemployed in earning a living, is ravenously employed in the pursuit of denigrating democrat candidates.  His pastime of hate mongering is said to be encouraged by desperate republicans who have promised this deluded miscreant some kind of a job.  The rather deliberately slow performance at the microphone translates to the perfect picture of an insufferable, overbearing bore.  This is a man desperately searching for some kind of enhanced meaning to a mediocre life.  Too bad Northampton doesn’t have a zoo, Mr. George would be a perfect choice for shoveling up after the elephants.  Oh, wait a minute, he’s doing that already!

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