Politics are important and political deals are often suspicious. It’s right to question the deals made by government, as the Courier’s Solar Panel report did. Most people know how political deals are made. Lies are told and souls are sold so knowledge and scrutiny of the politics are important. It seems natural and easy to think that the politics of the Solar Deal were significant so why didn’t the Courier’s Report include at least a description of the political connections? The information is public record and the Courier report included the issue of corruption. The Northampton Republicans who commented denied it but the Democrats seemed convinced of it.

Of course no one claims a law was broken but the law does not cover everything. There are civil behaviors that give rise to the idea of morality. The appearance of impropriety or of corruption is based in behavior, something that must be kept in mind whenever government is involved because unlike commerce, government does not work with its own money. The normal and natural safeguards of self interest are not usually a visible part of government deals. That’s a reason most people are somewhat distrustful of government. Our State and Federal  Constitutions installed checks and balances to try to control corruption. Still, one should be wary. The Solar Panel Project was oversold to a willing bunch of political appointees.  The decisions were made too fast by people who knew nothing about photovoltaic cells. Some of the financial information was hidden. It’s still hidden so why accept it as a fair deal?

The Solar Deal is a lease but it’s not called a lease. It was approved on the basis of free electricity by some questionable political appointees. The Courier asked some good questions but the Courier supports solar so they are biased and their questions are not grounded in solar panels facts. There is bias and a lot of half truth’s in their report.

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