Pinocchio is a children’s morality tale that should be re-visited by the Northampton Insider Republicans who invented then told their tall tales about: the playground lights; the solar panels; the private e-mail list of the police; the death threat against the ex-sewage boarder; the Parson’s tract; the cause of the traffic in Holland and Richboro; the four times higher tapping fees which have been called Revenge Fees; the contamination of the water supply and so many other tall tales that who can trust these political denizens? If they were Pinocchio it would take several trees to make their long Pinocchi-noses.

Larry Weinstein, the fabulator of the playground lights along with Art Freidman who voted for stadium lights along Vandeveer then opposed much smaller and lower temporary lights in the Municipal Park because he would see them far behind his house. Weinstein outdid Pinocchio when he claimed the Democrats wanted to violate the deed restriction (but didn’t) when the Republicans were the people who violated the deed, electrified the Municipal Park long ago and never corrected the deed as they should have.

Tony Albano who stole the private e-mails addresses of the police which was reported in the Courier probably will not be prosecuted for the theft but he also presided over the West End Sewage Debacle and the “Revenge Fee”. Albano is also the perpetraitor in chief of the Contamination Hoax which raged on for two years then stopped dead when Frank Rothermel, Jim Cunningham and Dr. Kim Rose exposed the two year long lie.

Barry Moore who signed the Solar Panel Agreement when he was a Republican Candidate for Supervisor. He also violated the IRS instructions for Federal Renewable Energy Credits by making an end run around the Rebate Instructions for IRS Form 3264 by the diabolical use of a PPA. His Rate of Return was 100% because of government supplied grant money that actually used tax money to pay China for the Solar Panels. His dealings were actually worse then the George Komelasky Insurance scam because soon-to-be-ex-Dupervisor Komelasky had the grace to wait until he was actually elected. Moore signed the deal a month after he because an Insider republican Choice and a full four months before the November 5th Election.

Barry Moore also blamed Supervisor’s Rothermel and Cunningham for the traffic problems created during 200 years of Republican shenanigans in Northampton.

The Cell Tower Debacle which could not be stopped during the Deon-Silver-Komelasky administration was not only stopped by Frank Rothermel, Jim Cunningham and Dr. Dr. Kim Rose who along with the magnificent legal work by the Rothermel, Cunningham and Rose choice of Attorney Michael Savona, a choice still resented and opposed by Komelasky who has refused to endorse the legal bills for Mr. Savona. The Savona Solutions resulted in Savona’s Ordinances being passed all over America.

Too many Insider Republican Pinocchio’s in Northampton. Can they be stopped? No, not all of them and not right away but some of them can be kept from power by voting for Rothermel and Cunningham on November 5th.


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