Tony Albano is unfit to be in public office. For the past three years I’ve been publically asking him to resign. I’ve asked for him to be removed from the Sewage Board. He’s been a divisive and aggravating force in Northampton. His actions caused unfair charges to some of the people. He’s received special treatment when he should have installed a sewer line on his property but was excused because he was a few feet too far from the sewage line. Rubbish. How far is too far? The measurement was conveniently wrong.

Albano charged the West End residents four times what others paid for sewer tapping fees, viz., $10,000 compared to $2,500. In the case of favored developers $0.00. Read that again Zero for insiders.

Albano led a back-room review of the Solar Panel Deal despite the spirit of the Sunshine act.

Albano led the installation of Solar Panels that are for too expensive to buy. We know Frank Rothermel told him the going prices for solar panels were 40% less than Albano’s political pal’s deal.

For two years Albano insisted there was pollution going into the public water from the Industrial Park. The township had to stop a panic so they inspected the pipes and found zero pollution. Albano even wrote letters to the township insisting there was pollution and that he would force them to inspect the pipes. There was no pollution.

Albano got Tom Zuener to prove there was pollution by falsely  using a sewer report to prove the water was being polluted. Zuener was wrong. Albano was wrong. Both should resign.

Then Albano used the Personal records of township employees including the police for political purposes. Albano owed Deon a favor so Albano sent Deon’s guest opinion to the illegally obtained list of township employees. Township Manager Bob Pelligrino warned Albano that the next time he engages in that kind of criminal action a criminal complaint will be filed.

Albano thereby got away with criminal behavior that in addition to the theft of personal records included violating the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

He also violated the civil rights of the township personal under color of law. That’s in the United States Code as Title 42 Section 1983. If he had help add conspiracy, 42 USC 1985.  

There’s more but with how much more atrocious behavior do the citizens of Northampton have to endure before Albano resigns? How egregious does his behavior have to be for the Supervisors to revoke his appointment to the Sewage Board?

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