Solar Panel Label

Solar Panel Label

When the Sewage Board signed the deal to erect Chinese Solar Panels on the Water and Sewer property along Township Road where were the Northampton Unions? Why did the Union People in Northampton; in Bucks County; in Philadelphia and every Northampton citizen in Northampton sit by and just let it happen?

There are no Unions in China so the Chinese panels along Township Road were not made in a union shop. Were the solar panels put up with union labor? If not, why not? Why not a peep from the Northampton Public Works employees who just signed their first contract with the township?

Maybe they didn’t want to create a problem while they were negotiating their first contract. OK, fine. But the contract was signed on Sept 25th. Where are the unions now that they have a contract?

The Chinese Solar Panels are a poke in the eye of American Labor. Regardless of whether you are a strong union supporter or not every red-blooded American supports American Jobs and American Labor.

Plus the solar panel deal was supposed to use American made panels but the guy in charge, Barry Moore changed them to Chinese panels. American labor was supposed to be used for the solar panels in Northampton. Those panels should be removed and replaced with American solar panels and the Northampton unions should work with the non-union citizens in Northampton to remove the Chinese panels and replace them with solar panels made in the good old USA. That’s yet another reason to vote for Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham. They support American made Solar panels. So do I.

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