Wonder what the Bible would look like if it was written by Satan, edited by Stalin and printed in Levittown? The Crucifixion would be a big holiday because the most innocent man was sentenced and executed. That’s what’s going on in Northampton under the disguise of a Solar Panel project. One man who had the audacity to verify the cost of installing an equivalent Solar System was systematically attacked by:

  1. the Courier reporter and his editors; 

  2. the Northampton GOP led by Republican Supervisor-on-his-way-out, George Komelasky; 

  3. a Republican Insider who pre-wrote the specifications for his solar product as a Request for Proposal, Barry Moore; 

  4. aided by the bumbling township  manager Robert Pelligrino and

  5. a professional wanna-be politician, Don George with emphasis on the wanna-be;

  6. the PA DEP who is either ignorant of the corrupt political process used to make the deal work or part of it.

The issue that united the corruption and caused a diversionary “report” to be published front page is the agreement with the Sewage Board Republican majority that was made out of sight. Oh, it was signed in public but the deal was made in private. The public was kept out of the smoke filled rooms and out of the editorial board schemes where the truth is kept off the Letters to the Editor page by a vindictive editor who systematically refused to proint my letters to the editor that exposed all the Courier Reporter wrote about but there was much more information about the dirty political deals made by the solar project in my letters. there’s also much more on this website.

The deal was for $190,050.00. The Courier’s ‘Report’ white-washed the innocent supervisor who had upstaged the entire Republican apparatus with one phone call. Frank Rothermel had the audacity to get cost information from a different solar panel installer and found a 40% saving in the first solar project cost with a bit more saving if the installer was asked for an official quote. The Courier reporter didn’t grasp that there were two projects and Rothermel never sought a quote for the second project. That’s why the Sewage Board Project really smells of corruption.

Even worse for the integrity of the Courier, their reporter didn’t mention the switch of American solar panels with Chinese panels despite the promises of using American made panels. The Courier also failed to uncover or to report that the seller of the panels, Barry Moore is a distributor of the Chinese panels. He’s Triple Dipping. He sells as a distributor to his company Moore Energy, then he gets more profit when he sells the system to Max Power and he’s probably a partner or a fiscal principal in which case he gets yet a third profit on his Chinese Solar Panels. The Courier reporter who no doubt favors solar panels over PECO electricity like his editors and like the Calkins, the absentee owners of the COURIER. This deal smells more rotten the deeper one probes.

Nor did the Courier reporter or the editors notice  the self-serving comment from Republican Supervisor Silver who said she and the Republicans did their due diligence when they reviewed the Republican Insiders prices. that’s like saying she studied the cost of a fur coat by reading the price tag. That’s corrupt politics at it’s lowest.

The Northampton GOP needs to cleanse itself from these professional vultures ASAP. Vote for Rothermel and Cunningham on November 5th.


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