Northampton Supervisor Meeting Sep. 25, 2013

Item: Someone made a “Death Threat” against Don George who promptly went into a meeting with the alleged threatener. How could he do that if he believed that person had threatened his life? Don George is a fabulist, an inventor of tall tales, a conflator. a product of an Alice in Wonderland mental state, a confabulator. He invents contradictions and spreads them around as though there was no contradiction. He believes he’s important so his life needs to be threatened because, well, because only important people receive death threats. Silly man. All he wants is to be noticed. He gives others the job of agreeing  he’s important, as though he is.

Those are markers of narcissism. His distorted perceptions cause fables and he promotes the results of his dream states at public meetings where unknown to him, the people know he’s presenting his unremarkable delusions for political gain. Don George is Northampton’s Pinocchio. Trying to make lies sound truthful and to give the appearance of solidity to the wind. The Gasbag of Northampton.

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