During the last Board of Supervisors meeting the basis for Northampton’s image problem can be witnessed among the audience behind my back while I was addressing the board about: starting a Cyber-Crime unit; the undisclosed dangers of roof and ground mounted solar panels; and the lack of due diligence by the Sewage Board majority when they signed the contract for the Solar Panel Project.

The Republican Insiders, who I called the peanut gallery, can be seen chewing their gum, cackling, rolling their heads and being discourteous to the community when neighbors with whom they disagree speak to the board. Don’t you wish these people would get themselves under control? Of course they follow the poor example of Supervisor Eileen Silver who interrupts the meeting whenever she decides to blurt.

One poor fellow thinks he’s playing some kind of party game when he addresses the community. Nasty and quite truculent, a practiced alarmist, he actually believes the entire meeting belongs to him as he tells us: “this is my time”. People would like to inform him he is using the facilities of the community, not his own property and he is wasting the time of the community when he must pause to get a thought about what to say. Most people can summarize their remarks and only need a few minutes to explain their ideas. This guy on the other hand seems to think he’s Jerry Springer or on the Sally Jessy Raphael show. He’s wound too tight, although not as tight as they guy who called a supervisor  a really obnoxious name, so obnoxious the incident was reported in The Courier Times of Bristol. Talk about taking Northampton down-market, These people do that and worse. They needed no self-control when they controlled the board of Supervisors for over 200 years during which time they practiced a special type of Northampton Insider Republican corruption and the video’s of the meetings show how primitive they are.

The solution? Simple. Vote for Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham. Two reasonable citizens who have endured entirely too much from the peanuts in the peanut gallery

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