Since early childhood the satisfaction of playing by the rules has increased as has the disrespect for people who break the rules to win. Crying wolf at every meeting like ex-sewage board member Don George who thinks he’s a victim while attacking others is an example of breaking the rules. The Sewer Board chairman Tony Albano told the public Don’s rants are not the responsibility of the Sewer board.

But the Northampton Insider Republicans continue to embarrass the Republican Party by breaking rules like not endorsing committee people, by stealing election signs, by inventing problems and blaming innocent people to get elected. No one in Northampton should vote for any local Republican because of the corruption they supported in the past and continue to support in the current election.

The Courier printed a guest opinion by Vince Deon, the Pay-to Play ex-Republican supervisor who was bounced from office by losing to Dr. Kimberly Rose. Deon had the idea to repeat the campaign claims of Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham thus giving Rothermel and Cunningham some free advertising. While Deon tried to disprove the true claims of Rothermel and Cunningham, he actually made a list of problems created by two centuries of Republican Supervisors. Traffic was increased everyday since General George Washington moved the army along Buck Road on his way to the victory at Trenton but for two centuries the Republicans did nothing that made the traffic in Holland any better. It’s a renowned Bucks County bottleneck and Rothermel and Cunningham studied the problems and have some solutions.

Rothermel and Cunningham were finally able to develop a budget of their own for this year. Even though the year has two more months, their spending has been lower than the Deon-Komelasky Republicans who increased taxes 175 times in their last administration. It’s great that Rothermel and Cunningham kept the spending below the Deon-Komelasky budget for 2012 and the township spending may be even lower for 2013.  

The two Republican Supervisor candidates actually wrote a bunch of whoppers and the Courier printed them, including the one about the lights that violated the deed for the Municipal park and for which they blamed Rothermel and Cunningham who had nothing to do with violating the deed. Ex-Supervisor Freidman who lives along the Municipal park approved lights that turned Vermeer avenue into a professional night time stadium but as a Republican neighbor he continued to attack Rothermel and Cunningham who did not approve lights a month after they didn’t approve them. What kind of unfair attack is that? Even for people who break the rules that’s a lousy way to campaign.

Some people believe winning is all that counts but those people have a defective moral compass. Following the rules is more important than winning by breaking them. Unfortunately the Northampton Insider Republicans don’t get that.

It’s why I’ve run against the Northampton Republicans. I’m a Republican who plays by the rules. They don’t and that’s why they make wrong choices.


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