Chicken Little is a children’s fable about a little chick who runs around telling us the sky is falling after an acorn falls on it’s head. It’s being acted out on local TV screens by an unemployed politician who it seems has gone round the bend and thinks someone is after him. His latest episode was telling us there are threats on his life and like Ducky Wucky he went into a meeting with the people who he thought were threats.

The Local Republican Committee has a few people who think they can spin fairy tales about the world ending because ten years ago the Republican Board of Supervisors broke the deed and electrified the Municipal park. Trying to entertain our children with movies actually broke the deed that was signed by Northampton Township. It’s not serious. Only Chicken Little thinks lights are not allowed. There’s a clause in the Republican-violated deed that permits lights if a letter is prepared to modify the deed. No big deal. The sky is not falling. The world is safe and most of us now tell fairy tales to our children.

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