It’s legal maxim that people must do their homework themselves. Suppose you want to find the price for a solar panel project. There are over 270 registered solar panel installers in Pa. You could call one. That’s what Supervisor Rothermel did. He found the Sewage Authority was being seriously overcharged for solar panels.

Did the Sewage Authority do any due diligence before they signed the deal with a fellow Republican Insider? No. Not one Republican Official did so much as make a phone call to check the price of a 39 kilowatt solar panel system. None of the Republican Sewage Board members made a single phone call. The DEP didn’t make any attempt to find out the price of a solar system. They Insider republicans just signed the deal from the Insider Republican Wheeler-Dealer Salesman and unless we can get it cancelled the citizens of Northampton will be holding an empty bag.

The arithmetic of the deal smells worse than the sewers. It is alleged to save the Sewage Authority $1,500 a year. Divide $190,000 by $1,500 and get WOW ! 125 years to pay off the cost. that’s five times longer than the solar panels will last. That’s what happens when an insider Republican deal is made in Northampton when the Sewage Board avoids their duty to make at least a token telephone call to check on a $190,000.00 deal.

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