Watch the Sept 25th Northampton Supervisor Meeting for some examples of the political operations of what must be the oldest gang around, the organized Insider Northampton GOP gang. One of the officials sits on the dais and behaves like an out of control kindergartner. Kindergarten? Well, yes, kindergarten because they blurt out whatever is on their mind with no regard for the rules, the procedures or the decorum of an event. They don’t know any better. They are children who have not yet learned the rules so they are not breaking them as much as showing they are unaware of them. A Northampton GOP Supervisor has no excuse except possibly she needs to learn some anger management procedures and get herself under control. She owes that to the community.

Northampton residents should be respected more than the errant supervisor respects them. She wastes our time with her tedious remarks about “Politics” on the part of her political opposition yet she is the guilty party. For Seniors like me, we need all the time we can get because we have less of it in front of us than younger people but no one, young or old should be subjected to the constant remarks, many childish in their nature, e.g., being famished, needing to go, or just needing to blurt. How unbecoming. How embarrassing for the GOP that this supervisor makes the community uncomfortable because she is so lacking in respect for herself that she refuses to control her mouth in public.

Why is she so comfortable with her uncontrolled behavior? Probably because her gang is in the audience clapping, chortling and wheezing over her blurts, her candy munching and her attacks with no regard for the rules of order.

One citizen suggested adopting Roberts Rules for the meeting. But the blurter refuses to follow any rules. She ignores the gavel by the chairwoman. She refuses to wait her turn. She refuses to listen with respect while other supervisors are speaking and she’s especially rude when I’m speaking. Watch the tape.

OTOH, don’t watch. -It is as I explain here and it’s embarrassing so why waste more of your time watching an adult with the manners of a child supported by a gang of GOP officials, some in their eight decade of life cheer her on as though she is doing the GOP gang of Northampton any good with her rule breaking. What an ignoramous.

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