PA has over 270 qualified Solar Panel Installers listed. Here. The no-bid or the rigged bid process used to obtain the Sewage Board Solar Panel set-up is beyond dispute an indicator of corruption

The moral code of the sewage managers is also a corrupt code. In order for the Northampton GOP to get some semblance of morality back the Party or the candidate should examine the potential problems that will be created is a sitting supervisor has to vote to appoint a Sewage Board member. Northampton was in this predicament before and got out of it only after Supervisor Komelasky gave up his insurance business with the Sewage people. Until that was done the vote to appoint replacements to the Sewage Board were deadlocked 2-2. No new people were appointed to the board and that’s going to happen again if the Solar Salesman doesn’t resign as a Supervisor Candidate. See a description of this corrupt procedure Here.

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