The deal doesn’t pass the smell test. Why? Because of the political insider swho made the deal. The Republican Party of Northampton must have been trained in Chicago because of the corrupt nature of the Solar Panel Deal.

A candidate for Supervisor and the Sewage Board signed an agreement to collect $190,050.00 from the Federal, State and local tax payers and those who pay the Sewage Authority. Conflict of Interest? Stinks?

Here we go again with another Komelasky style conflict of interest deal with the already corrupted Sewage Board. 

The tax credits of $89,000.00 should be considered part of the loot. I hope the salesman figures out he is being used by the Insider Republicans of Northampton and quits the Supervisor race by withdrawing his name and support from the Northampton Republican ballot. Otherwise the scandal will fester and ruin the name of Northampton.

This is a treacherous bunch of people, these Northampton GOPer’s. Watch and listen to the last Supervisor meeting where one of them even uses a person’s heritage as a term of opprobrium.  

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