It’s official. Northampton has a political gossip website that attacks Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham.  Northampton’s Girlie-man handles the libel chores for the Northampton GOP website. If the people who are helped by the Nrthmptn GOP website don’t have the guts to stand up for what they say, to sign their names and add their photo’s, if they don’t have the guts then I call them girlie men.

Oh wait. Maybe it really is a girlie website. Girlie girls are normal girls. Girlie Men are not.  Either way, it’s not a stand-up  gossip, merely one guy writing in his jammies or perhaps a very small group of obvious fanatics, fantasizers and gossipers who are unable to connect with reality.  This is not the best face to put foreword for Northampton Towship. The Best Northampton has are the present three supervisors. The worst of Northampton is the GOP Gossip site. It accommodates scurrying little human rodents small enough in character and even smaller in intellect to squeeze under the low bar. Past dicta by the writer betrays an obsession with excrement.

It’s abnormal for a political website to stand in for a gossip website. Perez Hilton, is an American blogger. His blog is, – notice he puts his name on his website, just as I do. Hilton covers gossip items about celebrities. In the case of the Northampton GOP political website, the celebrities are me, Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham. The girlie man is  obviously trying to copy Perez Hilton with a political gossip site but unlike Hilton, he hasn’t the guts to use his name. He uses my name as well as Frank’s and Jim’s but not his own. That’s a marker of a personality disorder; a passive aggressive malformation. In some cultures gossip is called an evil tongue. These are people outside the Community.

But it’s not the first, it’s the third NGOP gossip site.  None has been disowned which means they are supported by the NGOP. 

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