The departing prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he recently told American Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin,  “‘As the prime minister of Israel, I shall do everything to oppose an agreement that will lead to the nuclear armament of Iran.’ And I will oppose the agreement that you are proposing both publicly and operationally.”

Netanyahu indicated that even though he is not prime minister, he will use the political power he still has to push for action to stop Iran, regardless of what the Biden administration thinks.

“I hope very much that we won’t get to this. If I have to choose between a tension between us and abolishing an existential threat to Israel, then abolishing the growing threat with an agreement or without an agreement,” he said, according to the transcript, adding that he fears his successor will be too weak to stand up to Iran.

“An Israeli prime minister must be able to say ‘no’ to the president of the United States on matters that endanger our existence, and to back this up with massive work in Congress, in the Senate, and in public opinion, into the greatest democracy, which is the United States.”

Netanyahu said Israel’s new government will limply stand by as the Biden administration cozies up to Iran.

“I’m telling you, from the moment the United States returns to the nuclear deal with Iran, the incoming government will not authorize meaningful operations inside Iran in order to prevent its continued armament,” he said.

“At most, they will make a few limp remarks for protocol, or say a few meaningless things behind the scenes of no value. A government that is incapable of standing up forcefully against the international community on matters that are fateful for us is not worthy of leading Israel even for a single day. That is the incoming government,” he said.

“Iran understands this, too. No wonder they’re celebrating there today. They know that were it not for the efforts that we led, Iran would have had an arsenal of nuclear weapons long ago with the objective of eliminating us. Iran is celebrating because it understands that from today there will be a weak and limp government that will align itself with the dictates of the international community,” he said.

Netanyahu closed with a characteristic show of resistance.

“I tell you today, do not be downhearted. Stand tall. We shall continue to work together for our beloved country. I am with you, friends, daily battle against this bad, dangerous, left-wing government, to topple it. And with God’s help, it will happen much sooner than you think,” he said.

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