The Political Insiders on the Northampton GOP, the Northampton Republican Committee support the following false statements.   

Referring to me, the childish website notes:  “their bullying operatives, XXXXXX XXXXXX and Bill O’Neill.” Bullying Operatives? Sounds like a bunch of Leninists talking about their revolution. LOL

“That’s not surprising as neither Bushnell nor O’Neill have actually done any real community service in Northampton.” George Komelasky knows I’ve offered many times over many years to serve on various committee’s and boards but Georgy and his flying monkey’s refused to appoint me and no wonder. They don’t want their schemes and tricks exposed. Theirs is a secret world, as proven by their anonymous website and their secret little kiss-up who can’t face the public.

What’s the criteria for community service? Paying outrageous taxes and fees is certainly for the benefit of the community and I’ve been dong that for decades. What about getting on the ballot? What about making and putting up political yard signs that Georgy and his monkeys rip down and count that as community service? Analysing the phoney Request for Bid for the phony money harvesting Solar Panel System?  When Komelasky, Deon, Kinney, Palestina, Freidman and John Long ran the township they sent out the municipal workers to rip up my political signs and throw them in the dumpster. They took me to court because I dared to get on the ballot. A crooked Commonwealth Judge ruled my signature was not my signature. Under color of the township they reaped their rewards but their schemes eventually failed as the voters took care of them by dumping them from power. 

Is the misshapen scatological wimpy falsehood who writes this anonymous comment on the Insider Republican supporting website providing public service or is it purposely trying to destroy my reputation?  

Wimpy continues: “The abused Tax Collector was observed riding in Rothermel’s car at the parade…” Afraid to sign your name Wimpy? Does it rhyme with Georgy Porgy Puddin head?

Wimpy Georgy Porky continues: [Editor’s NOTE: we have verified the presence of several participants showing support for Rothermel Cunningham who do not reside in Northampton Township.”

Wow. there’s a dumb comment. Northampton Days was started by the Komelasky regimes. Northampton Days is not run by Northampton at all. The entire celebration is run by non-township people. So little anonymous wimpy is helping outsiders by standing around the republican booth  where he collects his cheese. Wimpy doesn’t do anything and that’s why he doesn’t get paid.  LOL.


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