The Northampton Insider Republicans have a letter-writing campaign. The Northampton GOP chairman signed up and condemned Barbara Bucknum for running for tax collector as a Republican. His letter condemned the Democrats for endorsing Barbara without realizing the NGOP should have done that because Barbara Bucknum has been a vote getter for the Republicans, often winning by getting the largest amount of Republican votes. The NGOP could have done what the Democrats did which is to run the best Northampton candidate for tax collector.

But the NGOP chairman went further down the wrong road. As the leader in name of the Northampton Republican Committee he could have endorsed Bucknum, same as our Democrat neighbors did. The NGOP lost Northampton Township because of  bad thinking and dumb politics. Under the new Chairman in name only the same old stale ideas are roiling around. The same old confabulators continue their corrupt ways. the NGOP supported a

The chairman could have tried to get Northampton Voters on the side of the Republicans but he went the other way and drove away the good Republican Voters of Northampton. Northampton deserves better than that.

The township has had the best three supervisors ever. No tax increases. No Cell towers on the residents lawns. No fee increases. No demolition of the Mill Race Inn as proposed by the ill-informed County Planners. Planes to eliminate traffic bottlenecks in Richboro and Holland, traffic bottlenecks caused by decades of poor planning by the worst supervisors. Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham have made so many great changes in Northampton that our township has become the Best it has ever been. Frank and  Jim. the best candidates for Supervisor.

Unfortunately for the good Republicans of Northampton the Insider Republicans have gone the wrong way. They have joined into an evil band. They support lying websites on which they continue to fight against private citizens. The Northampton GOP needs to start making better decisions and get themselves turned away from the evil ways of a few miscreants who have been acting on behalf of a couple of bad actors.

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