Dietz and Watson’s Roof-Mounted Solar Panels helped destroy their huge refrigerated plant in Delanco, NJ. The solar panels prevented water from getting to the fire.

Solar panels are water-proof. They’re made of glass-covered photo-voltaic material. Glass is water proof. Water from the fire companies would not go thru the solar panels. Solar panels are heavy. It takes a strong set of roof rafters to support the ordinary roof and adding solar panels made the roof even heavier. The roof was blazing but the water couldn’t get through the solar panels. The roof was completely destroyed. and the burning roof collapsed into the building. Tons of expensive meat were destroyed because the 11 alarm fire could not be extinguished.

The 300,000 square foot building was completely destroyed. All of the expensive meat was destroyed.

Three hundred thousand square feet. That’s the size of 500 Philly Row Homes. Five Hundred Homes. That was a huge, expensive refrigerated building and because of the solar panels on the roof it was completely destroyed. The smell of the burning meat was carried over to Philadelphia.

What a shame. The building was lost, the meat was lost and after a week it’s still smoldering and has flared up again and again.

So remember. Roof-mounted solar panels are water-proof and heavy before putting solar panels on your roof. If the building catches fire it may be a total loss because the fire departments could not get water on the fire because the water was blocked by the solar panels.

Imagine the horror of watching a blazing roof falling into your bedrooms and living room. Everything would be destroyed. Imagine if people were in the blazing building.

There’s another serious problem with roof mounted solar panels. They could electrocute the fire fighters. Channel Ten reported: “Fear of electrocution, collapse forced fire chief to pull back crews.” The electric had to be shut off before pouring water on the roof mounted solar panels. If the shut-off switch is inside the building and the building is on fire it’s even more difficult to fight the fire because there’s no way someone could just shut off the electric.

Read that again. The Fire Chief ordered the crews to back off and do nothing because the fire-fighters could be electrocuted. Back off a fire? That let the fire do even more damage.

Channel 10 reported: “In 2010, the company installed some 7,000 solar power modules at the Delanco facility – which can pose problems for firefighting efforts, according to a report on NBC-10 Philadelphia.

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