The joke among scientists is the buy-in that humans can reduce the amount of carbon on earth. How much carbon is there on earth?

Shouldn’t you know how much carbon there is before deciding to eliminate some of it? Suppose you didn’t use any carbon during your life? By how much would you reduce the amount of carbon?

I hope you know the answer because you are going to feel pretty stupid if you agreed to buy something that has no effect on the amount of carbon in Northampton. 

It’s like saving open space. Shouldn’t you know how much there is before spending tens of millions to get more? How much Open Space is there in Northampton township? I asked that question at the last Supervisor’s meeting and guess what the answer is? No one measured it.

The Sewer Board bought solar panels partly because they will save 67,000 pounds of carbon in 25 years. That’s in the press release. The DEP quoted that number. How important is that number? How much space does 67,000 pounds of carbon take up? How much carbon is in Bucks County? Anybody?

Suppose there’s not enough and we need more? Saving carbon would be the wrong way to go if we were a bit short, right? So before going around bragging that solar panels will save on carbon, get it together and tell us how much carbon is in Northampton. Then we can talk about whether it’s good or bad to save 2,680 pounds worth a year.

Here’s another question about the Solar Panels. If we need less carbon should the Sewer Board should buy more solar panels? It’s too late to stop the solar panels it bought but it’s not too late to buy more. So if it’s such a great deal to buy solar panels, why stop at one project?

Last, if we have too much carbon ,….. well lets find out how much we have and how much we need before deciding if we have too much or not enough.   



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