There’s a political gnat in Northampton who cannot grasp the difference between Shade and Tarps. Tarps cannot make electric like a generator or a Solar Panel. A Solar Panel is sort of translucent, sort of porous to sunlight but a tarp blocks sunlight so it produces shade. Shade makes things cooler. Cooler things need less or no air conditioning. Cool things save on electricity by not having to be cooled or not having to be cooled as much.

I calculated that tarps and awnings over the sewer board building would lower the temperature inside the building but the political gnat can’t grasp the connection between shade and electricity. And yes, I can do Electrical Engineering since taking it as an elective at Villanova.

Most people are not engineers but most people know shade makes things cooler. The political little bugman doesn’t grasp that. 

The problem for the political gnat is he needs another government  job so he’s promoting solar power hoping his candidate can keep up the fiction that solar panels save money. He won’t buy a solar panel for his home because they are a complete waste of money but he want’s the taxpayers to buy them and help his political choice get elected.

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