Sewer board chairman and Insider Republican Antonio Albano has secrets he should have revealed in his recent “attack the candidates” letter in the Courier. As chairman, Antonio, aka “Tony” who was appointed by the Insider Republicans is paid about $166 per meeting but since the average meeting is about 30 minutes, he costs taxpayers about $300 an hour. Pretty slick, right? Even worse, about half the meetings are cancelled so the lucre increases to $600 an hour minus the cost of the “contributions” to the party each year. Plus the sewer board appears corrupt. If not for the cameras recording the meetings, camera’s installed by Supervisor Rothermel over the loud objections of Albano, most of the following would never have been discovered.

What’s suspicious about the Sewer Board? Plenty.


1.     Beginning February 2012 we witnessed the longest and biggest fib in Northampton. It was created and perpetrated by Albano, his sewer board, the director, the engineering firm and the attorney. They all supported an enormous falsehood. The confabulation was: -t he public water was contaminated. The “Cross-Contamination” fib lasted about 18 months until Supervisors Rothermel and Cunningham found there was no evidence of contamination. None. When the allegedly defective water pipes were inspected they were perfect. No contamination. Not one instance of contamination. Was that a “mistake” or a cheap political stunt by Albano’s Sewer Board?


2.     Next the Sewer Board spent $190,000.00 on a large solar panel array to produce only 30 kilowatts of electricity. They said it was a great deal but there are lots of places to buy less expensive solar panels.


3.     Albano and another Insider Republican who sold the “free” solar system told the public the $190,000.00 solar panels would provide free electricity. Like Tony’s letter, that’s false because the $190,000.00 solar panels didn’t fall out of the sky. The $190,000.00 shows it’s not free. Also, the solar panel salesman was another Republican Insider who is a Supervisor candidate running against Supervisors Rothermel and Cunningham. Is that corrupt? Are red peppers red?


4.     Albano blamed Supervisor Rothermel for not buying a large, expensive, un-necessary un-justified solar system for the Library.


It’s certain that when Supervisors Rothermel and Cunningham are re-elected Albano will not be re-appointed. Tony knows that so he wrote his attack letter against Supervisor Rothermel who has made decisions that helped all of the citizens of Northampton, unlike secretive Albano who deceives people every time he claims $190,000 solar panels are free.


5.     Albano charged residents of the West End $10,000 to connect to public sewers which is four times as much as other residents were required to pay. One favored contributor paid zero connection fees for 40 homes in exchange for re-building a pump.


6.     Albano restricts free speech at every Sewer Board meeting where refuses to allow citizens to comment on the issues until a month after they are approved. 


7.     Albano’s Insider Republicans waived the sewer connection fees 100% for a developer after they charged the West Enders $10,000 each.


We can speak of morals and Albano’s deceptions. We can speak of red lines but politics are complicated so must add blue, yellow and green lines, all of which Albano has crossed on his way to try to trick us into returning his insiders to power. Northampton politics has become far too vicious in recent years as the Insider Republicans try to return themselves and their cronies to power.


Often a decision to vote for or against a candidate is a close call but not in Northampton where the Republican Party officials have been doing too many wrong things for far too long.


Tax collector candidate Barbara Bucknum wrote a response to a nasty letter against her unique nomination by the Democrats. Barbara is a Republican, -like me, who knows the right things to do. She was rejected by the Northampton Insider Republicans. The Northampton Democrats did a wonderful service to the people of Northampton. They ignored typical party politics and are supporting Barbara, a Republican. That’s how government is supposed to work. Support the best people for the jobs. The Democrats of Northampton can be proud of their local party leaders. The Northampton Insider Republicans should be ashamed. Albano shares the shame and the blame in what has become a dirty game.  

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