The majority of Republicans do not lie. The so-called Right Wing of America is the Republican party. The right wing of the Republican party are the Tea Party – Patriots who are sort of super religious. But the Republican leaders in Northampton, a small group different than the Northampton Republican Committee, different than the Bucks County Republican Executive Committee, different than the Republican State Committee a larger group, different than an even larger group, The National Republican Committee which in turn is different that the largest Republican group, a group that’s not a group at all, the Republican voters which is different than those who vote for Republican candidates which gets back to the Individual who is registered Republican.

Why are there well-known liars in the Northampton Republican Committee? Why don’t the Republican leaders expose them? Answer: Because of politics. Because some people would rather win a political contest at the cost of their moral values. 

These liars are not all sociopaths but a few are. Some are Compulsive Liars,  some are Chronic Liars and others Habitual Liars. They lie for political purposes. They cheat for political purposes. They will tear down and carry off the political yard signs of an opponent, even when the opponent is also a Republican. They did it to me. They did it to my political yard signs. They convinced PA state officials to lie on their behalf. To their credit most PA officials rejected the pleading to lie about a Republican candidate in a Republican Primary election. That proves most Republicans want to compete on the basis of their personal moral code which prohibits lying.

Why then do some Republican Leaders Lie? Why do some cheat? Are they pathological? My take is they are. Look at recent Republican Political Activity in Northampton. The spectacle of lying about contaminated water is so out of character for political activists but it has never been disowned by Northampton Republican leaders. The lying was not rejected by the Northampton GOP. A recent example is a letter allegedly written by the next door neighbor of the biggest reason the Northampton GOP lost control of Northampton’s government. The lying goes on. The dirty fighting continues and the cheating will not end except by, .. except when,.. except how? When the pathological is separated out and finally removed from the politics of the Northampton GOP.   

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