What’s wrong with the Insider Republicans of Northampton? Why do they tolerate bizarre behavior from some of the Northampton Republican Committee people?  Why did the Water and Sewer Board lie for 18 months about contaminated water and illegal water connections by the business owners in the Northampton Industrial Park? Who Lied? Overpaid Tom Zuener the Executive Director. He led the liars by displaying a huge, three volume report by Pennoni Associates who went along with the false narrative. That’s some high level lying. Pennoni knew or should have known their report did not contain one instance of contaminated water but they kept silent. Remember, silence means consent. The Pennoni representative disgraced everyone at Pennoni Associates. That alone is a very important basis for the damage done to the reputation of Northampton Township. Pennoni advertises their integrity but in the Northampton case they had none. Their representative embarrassed the entire Pennoni organization. They consented to the lies of the four phonies on the Sewer Board. How do we know that? Because the NSA style of detailed examination of the private plumbing systems of 22 innocent, private businesses that were subjected to a harsh accusation, that their plumbing was contaminating the water supply of Northampton Township, was proven false. It’s often hard to prove a lie but in the case of the contamination issue there is solid proof of the lies. Pennoni never pulled back on the false accusations of Zuener, Albano, Farling, Jim, George and legal eagle Ed Rudolph.

There was no contamination. there was no evidence and an inspection of the private plumbing of 22 companies falsely accused by Zuener and his evil angels who demanded the township prove the lies of Zuener, Pennoni, the law firm represented by Edward Rudolph and Albano, Farling, Jim and George proved the lies were lies. These particular Republicans are truly hazardous to the health and safety of the people of Northampton Township. they need to fire themselves.

This is worse than the theft of township money by Insider Republican appointed Bruce Townsend because Townsend fell in lust and only stole money, not the reputation of Northampton. Zuener’s Lies attempted to defame the shining reputations of the three Democrat Supervisors. Defamation has disgraced the Northampton Republican leaders. These cads should resign.

They sold the schoolhouse using insider knowledge. They missed the infamous theft’s by the township manager under the noses of the township auditors. The Pay to Play scandal, the hidden 537 plan, the backroom deals with developers, the “free” moving of the Spread Eagle, the $200,000 unaccountable “donation” to build the Bocce Ball Court Roof, up to the corrupt deal to buy a solar panel system but not pay for  it show the destruction of the leadership of the Northampton Republican Committee. What is wrong with these people? Why are they so abnormal.? So different than other people? Their lying is congenital. Expect much more until after the November 5th election. Come out to vote. If you are registered Republican tell the people at the polls that it’s impossible for reasonable, rational people to vote for Northampton Republicans until they clean out their stable. 

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