Liars are frauds. The can act against the facts, pose against information and invent false descriptions because they lack a moral compass. At the Northampton Supervisors meeting August 28, the biggest liars in the township spoke about their irrational mentation’s. Ex-Supervisor Vince Deon, assisted by Dopey, Sneezy and Grumpy talked against the people by saying, wrongly, that the township should not fix the public playgrounds and ball fields. Freidman decided to continue his tax based projects by saying the township should seek new ways to get peoples money, the cad.  Freidman is so Left-wing that he actually breathes tax increases to pay for his wet dream projects. Blame Art when you see township properties with uncut grass. He calls it wilding.

Don George demanded documents that didn’t exist. He produced a nonsense letter that demanded the township manager produce a letter saying he could not produce a letter because there was no letter. He likes to use the word lie which he thinks is a virtue. He puts his words where his ideas are, in a series of lies. It’s obvious he thinks lying is a virtue. It is a virtue in his mind to lie, cheat and spout disconnected from reality words. Jerry Bass continued his false attacks against who knows what. Bass never makes sense and it’s positive for Northampton that he’s leaving. Art Freidman voted to keep the play fields in dis-repair because he never repaired them when he was a Supervisor.

To return the management of the Township to people who are supporters of these kinds and types of irrationals is nuts. They stand against  proper human morals. Liars all. Useless to anyone. Seeing and hearing useless types is only useful as a guide how not to vote.

Vote, of course for reasonable people. Cunningham and Rothermel for the best in Northampton.

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