So said Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Did Dr. King know about the three Northampton political hate-sites? Northampton deserves better than anonymous political writing.

But so far the anonymous hate-sites, the Republican supported anonymous hate sites, -persist. This is not a government problem. It’s a Republican Committee problem because the hate-sites reflect and represents their views. It’s only one guy who’s gone off the rails but the Republican Committee needs to control him because he’s one of their own. They can do it. They did it earlier this summer when, to their credit, the Republican committee removed an anonymous letter from the Republican Committee website. But the present hate site speaks for the Insider Republicans. The hate-site author even writes comments to his own letters. He also uses fake letters from well-known political people around Northampton like Bill O’Neill who would not write anything on the hate site. Why would I write for someone elses website? I have my own website, with almost 1,100 articles on it.

In our society no one is forced to become anonymous. That’s their decision. I sign my own name to everything I write, just like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did. I agree with Dr. King. “Hate cannot drive out hate. only love can do that”. Writing that drips with hate needs Dr. King’s solution. We don’t need hate in Northampton. We can disagree. We should disagree using our own names. We should argue, discuss and consider what other’s say but we should not use anonymity to push an agenda of hate.

But appealing to the anonymous writers sense of decency won’t work. He has none. Appealing to his better nature won’t work. He has no better part to his nature. My conclusion is the man has so much hate that his soul has corroded. His anonyminity has gone lower than hate into lying. Past lying to, well, enough. He knows who he is. We know who he is. He can’t stop. We know that. He’s pathetic. 

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