Some non-technical people think Solar Panels make electricity cheaper than PECO. But solar panels don’t just drop out of the air. Solar power is expensive because the solar panels are expensive. PECO makes electricity several ways. The cheapest is Nuclear. The most popular way is with oil-fired boilers. Making electricity with Solar panels is not as good as the other ways but because of the popularity of the Green Movement, non-technical types accept the idea that going green by using solar panels is a good deal. It isn’t because first it’s too expensive. Second, solar needs a lot of space, – a field,  to put up enough solar panels. Third, the solar panels are big for the little amount of electricity they make. It’s cheaper to just make shade by putting up tarps. Making shade makes things cooler and in the summer that saves air conditioning costs. Even using old fashioned awnings makes shade that keeps things cooler in summer.

PECO uses Solar Panels as a gimmick to make some people happy. But happy people often can’t do enough math to figure out things like cost savings from shade or to understand project costs. Many people think solar panels make free electricity like children who think ice cream is free.

Eventually, most people grow up intellectually. They learn arithmetic. They calculate how expensive it is to do a solar project. Arithmetic is why PECO prefers Nuclear Power compared to all other ways to make electricity. Arithmetic is why Solar Panels are not commercially viable. Of course the majority on the Sewer Board didn’t do the arithmetic. They did their political thing when they awarded the Solar Panel Project to their fellow Republican Insider Supervisor Candidate. These people have no shame.  


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