The decent Republicans in Northampton are shocked at the slime websites against Supervisors Rothermel and Cunningham. Political theory is that negative political advertising works but there are levels of decency that must be observed. Some recent examples of the new political bottom in Northampton are the latest anti-Rothermel website and several public letters to the editors at the Courier by Don George and Rita Adair. Adair is almost in her 80’s and is easily manipulated by George who says “she’s my mother in law”. She isn’t. Adair lives next door. Don George engaged in an assault against me last year at that address shouting: “get off my in-laws driveway”. When I heard that I immediately left because I had no interest in being involved with a dysfunctional group.

It’s easy to twist the truth. The hate-sites do it with every post. Adair wrote about a marvelous candidate, Barbara Bucknum who is so well liked that the Democrats of Bucks County made her their candidate even though she’s a Republican. Adair’s twisted brain calls that elder abuse. That’s nuts. If she really wrote that letter she should apologize for insulting the intelligence of everyone in Northampton. If she only signed it, she should fess’ up.   

Why didn’t Don George sign the Adair letter? Because the Courier has a rule that they will only print a letter from the same writer once every 30 days. So George wrote another letter but got Adair to sign it. How do we know that? Writing style. Compare the style of the hate-site, the Don George letter and the Adair letter. Same style, same guy.  

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