There’s a pathetic, unfortunate Northampton man who has created three hateful political websites but he is afraid to reveal his name. His is a frightened personality that directs he remain in the shadows while he tries to discredit people with his hate.  His inner self knows he’s lying. A deficient personality like that, a man whose thinking plumbing is defective, must remain anonymous otherwise he will have to answer his critics. He’s psychically  damaged as proven by the hiding and he knows he’s wrong. He’s well past mid-life but intellectually he’s about 12, an intellectual adult with the moral’s of a child.

How does a psychopath live with himself? Simple. He thinks he’s a decent man even when he’s confronted with his abnormal behaviors. He believes he is the victim. Even when he lies he justifies his lying by saying: “I would never steal and people who steal should go to jail.” This is typical psychotic displacement.

Can he be helped? Sure. But who want’s to help hate?

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