The warships are moving towards the Eastern Mediterranean. Assad’s days are numbered. He probably won’t make it thru September.

The gassings did it. After a hundred thousand killed it’s about time for something to be done. How can the United Nations stand by and let people be slaughtered like Assad has done. He’s not the only one, of course. Other leaders fight against him as well as against some of the rebels. There’s no scorecard so it’s almost impossible to separate out the real bad guys from the bad guys and from the good guys, presuming there are any good guys nearby.

Syria is next to Israel, the destination of the middle east types who want to annihilate Israel. Iraq is next to Israel and so is Egypt. See a pattern here? Surround and annihilate.

But Assad went too far. He crossed loads of clear bright lines but Putin had his back. If Putin gives the green light, Assad will lose Syria. Or, if Putin signals he won’t approve but he won’t join in, Assad goes.

That won’t stop the attacks on Israel. The way to stop bullies is to become their friends or kill them. The rebels refuse to be friends with Assad. Assad refuses to be the friend of  the rebels. Death is in charge of Syria.

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