Correction 9/11/2013. Previously the rebates were listed as $70,000 but they are $$89,000.00. The so called rebates are tax money paid by the people and handed to Max Solar, the company that owns the solar panels. Also, the seller is a Republican Party Candidate and the Solar Panels were bought by a Republican Dominated Board of Directors and a Republican Executive Director. That’s a clear case of a conflict of interests.

The Northampton Bucks County Municipal Authority has made some poor decisions over the past six years but the latest is the worst. Approving a $193,050.00 Solar Project contract with a Supervisor Candidate of their party, the board majority of three people moved into corrupt behavior. They said the $193,050.00 project is free to the ratepayers. That’s false. They said it’s a winning decision. That’s false too.

The ratepayers are on the hook for their share of the grant money they must pay to Pennsylvania and Washington DC. That’s $89,000.00. That money has to be paid to the governments by the citizens before the governments send it to, not the Sewer Board -but to the mystery investor(s) who fronted the dough for the solar panels and the other equipment to make them work. The mystery money is protected because the solar array should make 40% of the electricity the Sewer Board uses. So the Mystery Guest has to supply 60% of the electricity and collect 80% of the cash from the sewer board. A cool 20% profit but wait. It’s 20% profit based on the 80% but based on the 60% it’s 33%

The second part of the flim-flam is the money taken from the people of PA and America. That money is given to the contractor as a “Grant”. Grant’s don’t just fall out of the sky. You help pay for them.

The Mystery man also gets the $70,000 “Grant Money”. The cost of the solar system is probably $120,000 or thereabouts. It’s a small system so far as the amount of electricity is makes. It may cost as little as $90,000 but if it costs $120,000 and the “Grants are $70,000, where does the other $50,000 come from? According to the contract the $50,000 comes from the people of Northampton who use the Sewer and Water. In that case the investor(s) could be told to remove their system. If that happens, they collected $70,000 in grants and they can sell the system to someone else. If they sell it for half price they would get another $96,525. Add that to the $70,000 and the mystery investors have $166,525 for a system that costs $120,000 for a profit of $46,525 which is 39% based on their cost of $120,000.

That’s the anatomy of a swindle. That’s how corruption works. The sewer board agreed to a flim-flam that hurts the decent people of Northampton as well as the other people whose money is taken from them by Harrisburg and Washington and given to the scammers who can’t lose because the people are on the hook regardless if the system stays up or is removed. This board needs to be fired. The only way that can happen is for the voters of Northampton to vote for Rothermel and Cunningham who opposed the solar scheme when it was proposed for the township library.

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