To be the President of the United States, a person must meet the requirements of the Constitution which includes the requirement to be “Natural Born”. Barack Obama is supposed to be a Natural Born Citizen but there is, apparently, no birth certificate to confirm his place of birth. That may not be a problem because the citizenship of one’s parents confer natural born attributes on a child born out of the country.

EG., Children of military parents serving out of the country when a child is born, for example, would mean the child is a Natural Born American. If the mother is under the age of consent and the father is a natural born citizen of Kenya, for example, the child may or may not be considered a natural born American. But the argument about the natural born requirement of the President seems to have landed on the question of whether or not he was born in Hawaii.

In December 0f 2010, the governor of Hawaii, Neil Abercrombi announced he would find the birth records and settle the controversy. He recently admitted there were none. No documents. That’s different than knowing there are records but not being able to find them. No record of Barack Obama being born in Hawaii could mean he was not born in the United States.

Phil Berg, an attorney in Norristown was one of the first to try to find where and how the President was born. Berg couldn’t find the info either. Berg claimed to have found records in Mombasa and someone interviewed an aunt who claimed to have attended the birth. Mombasa. Not in America. It’s on the coast of Kenya. On the Indian Ocean. Not America. Remember, though, that Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunhan was absolutely an Amerifcan citizen.

Other records of Barack Obama that might be useful to identify whether he is a natural born American citizen or not, seem to be sealed. University applications, student aid forms and other papers that might be useful to identify the situation appear to have been made ‘not available’.

There are plenty of denials about being born elsewhere but the facts about where and maybe even the exact day seem to remain unknown. In politics, souls get sold and lies are told. Perhaps someday it will be confirmed but that may never happen. For now there are people who say the President is a natural born citizen and others who claim he is an impostor. Are the Birthers wrong?  

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