“San Francisco To Move $120 Million From Police To Black Community”

Usually, when San Francisco is in the news, it has something to do with the city being covered in human excrement or dealing with mass homelessness under the dutiful watch of their Democrat representatives.

But the bad news coming out of the California city is a little different this week.

According to Fox News, San Francisco Democrat Mayor London Breed is moving forward with a plan to take $120 million from the city’s law enforcement funding and give it to Black communities.

Fox News reports:

San Francisco Mayor London Breed released a fiscal plan this week that would divert $120 million from the city’s law enforcement funding to an initiative to help Black communities.

The plan, known as The Dream Keeper Initiative, will use the funds over the next two years to invest in youth development, guaranteed income, business support, a city employment pipeline, training, and homeownership, amongst other initiatives.

For starters, Democrats want to take over $100,000,000 from police and giving it exclusively to black communities.

This will only hurt law enforcement that is already trying to deal with an already crime-ridden area.

“We know that to actually see true lasting change we need to focus on helping entire families — from early education for kids, to job training and workforce support for their parents, and serve communities that have been systematically harmed by past policies,” Breed said.

“It’s not enough to say that Black Lives Matter. We must listen to Black voices, commit the resources, and create the programs that will actually right past wrongs and get people resources and services so they can build their futures here in San Francisco and know that their City has their back,” Breed said.

“To make these decisions, we’ve listened to the African-American community about what’s worked and what hasn’t and we are committed to actually delivering on the promises that are made but all too often aren’t kept,” she added.

Fox News added:

Breed first announced her plan to divert law enforcement funds in June 2020 as part of the nationwide push to re-examine law enforcement funding, following the death of George Floyd, a Black man killed by a police officer in Minneapolis.

The San Francisco Human Rights Commission then reviewed funding needs in the city’s Black community by conducting surveys, community meeting and “listening sessions.”

San Francisco’s Black community makes up over five percent of the city’s population, but Fox News could not immediately reach the mayor’s office for comment on why other minority groups, like the Hispanic community — which account for 15 percent of the city’s population – have been excluded.

Many would certainly agree that the city’s Mayor should have the back of all of its citizens, not just black people.

If San Francisco had chosen to give $120 million to just white communities, who this be acceptable?

Imagine how the Democrats and media would react to that.

Last week, former President Barack Obama tore into “white resistance” and said, “reparations are warranted.”

What Does He Think The Civil War Was About? If anything he should promote paying back the people who died to make him a free black man. …Obama OWES Reparations.

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